Information about Year 12 and 13 at JRCS.

Information about Year 12 and 13 at JRCS.

Welcome to JRCS Sixth Form

In The Jo Richardson Community School Sixth Form we have a wealth of professional expertise, challenging courses and stimulating activities to ensure your success on your chosen pathway. We are uncompromising about achieving our goal of “Success for All”. Our dedicated staff make sure that students gain excellent results and develop a range of mature skills and attitudes in tune with the school’s ACHIEVE agenda.

Subjects Offered at JRCS

JRCS is part of the Southern Consortium which allows students a huge range of choice when looking at what subjects they want to study. Subjects may be based in any of the five schools in the consortium.

Southern Consortium

Jo Richardson is part of the Southern Consortium and linked with the other sixth forms based at Dagenham Park, Eastbury & Sydney Russell. This enables a large range of subjects to be offered to students at level 3.

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General Sixth Form Policies

Our Sixth Form sets an example to the rest of the school so be a responsible part of our learning community by adhering to the following policies.


The Sixth Form team will encourage you to get involved with as many activities outside of school as possible to help you make more informed choices in year 13 regarding your path for when you eventually leave us.

Online Courses

There are many opportunities to study areas of interest which are either a development of your Level 3 studies or pure personal interest.

Bursary Procedures

All the schools in the borough are using the same rules . If you are eligible for Free School Meals – APPLY NOW. Save the letter they send you.

Results and Destinations

Our students regularly go on to top Universities and other higher education establishments, apprenticeships and exciting non-curricular opportunities.

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JRCS Sixth Form are committed to providing the best learning environment possible in terms of academic provision and also in terms of enrichment.


If you have any questions about the Sixth Form, please see the information below for the best contact.