Please select one of the departments below to find out more information

Please select one of the departments below to find out more information

Art and Design

It is our vision in the Art and Design department to nurture and explore the artist within all students. While doing so, students will develop their understanding of basic concepts of design and elements of art; be enhanced intellectually by the history and style of the visual arts; celebrate and respect works of art from global cultures; create artwork that integrates emerging technologies as well as traditional techniques.

Business and Economics

Our department mission statement is to nurture the passion for business and economics in our students, encouraging them to take steps on their pathway to success in the world of business.

Computing Science

What is Computing? Take a look at the world around you. How close to a computer are you? When was the last time you used one? Life without computers is almost unimaginable. The power of computers is utilised in all areas of life, from medicine to space exploration.


Our aim is to develop an atmosphere where involvement, creativity and confidence can flourish for all. Dance makes a unique contribution to the education of all students. We recognise that dance can enrich an individual's life through the development of their cultural and social awareness. Through its use of non-verbal communication students are able to participate in a way which differs from any other area of learning. This allows every student to succeed highly in any or all of the strands of dance; performance, composition and appreciation.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology at JRCS is a creative subject in which students are taught to develop flair and methodological awareness through the development of inventive products in different resistant materials. D&T is based around the design and manufacture of products and it’s applications in modern day society. The main aim is to equip students with a passion for design and an ability to produce innovative thought provoking projects.


Drama is exposure; its is confrontation; it is contradiction and it leads to analysis, construction, recognition and eventually to an awakening of understanding”- Peter Brook The Drama Department, prides itself on its varied and challenging curriculum that encourages students to investigate topics important to the young people we serve. We look to nurture the creativity within all students enhancing their knowledge of playwrights, practitioners and contextual factors that inform the world of performance. We encourage students to consider their emotional wellbeing, using Drama as an outlet to recognise human conditioning. Each unit asks students to reflect and question their own ethics on who they are and what they believe in? This is important because we want students to use performance as a way of making sense of the world and the community they belong to. Students will also learn to analyse in a supportive and respectful manner the work of others, creating performances that portray emotions and personality with confidence. All skills required in this group work setting are transferable to their academic, personal and professional lives.


The JRCS English department is committed to providing supportive, thought-provoking and challenging lessons in Literature and Language at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. Our aim is to inspire all students to be successful; to flourish in a safe and secure learning environment; to become confident and creative users of the English Language; and to develop into enthusiastic appreciators of literary texts.

Food and Catering

The Food and Catering department at Jo Richardson Community School plays an important role in student development and preparing them for adulthood as well as opening up avenues to a career within the food and beverage industry.


The world is moving at an ever-quicker pace and Geography equips students with the skills to analyse the complex relationship between the natural physical world and the man-made human world. We want to create an atmosphere of inquiry in the classroom where they want to discover more. The diverse nature of the subject provides students with all the skills they need to be successful in the world.


As a department we believe in history for all. History for all incorporates telling stories from all aspects of the past that speak to the different demographics in our community. We ensure our curriculum is rich with representation and that all students of all abilities have the right and means to access our diverse curriculum. Through the study of history students at Jo Richardson will be equipped to analyse, formulate judgements and argue them logically. Our main aims are as follows: · To provide students with an understanding of relevant, diverse and representative history. · To build on prior learning from KS2 and introduce students to the key skills needed to understand history as a discipline. · To provide essential skills that students will require throughout their lives and into adulthood to understand our society and the world around us.


Mathematical thinking is important for all members of a modern society, for its use in the workplace and for personal decision making. Maths not only equips us with ways to describe, analyse and influence the world but it can also stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder, when problems are solved for the first time or when we notice hidden connections. Maths is fundamental to national prosperity in providing tools for understanding science, engineering, technology and economics.

Inclusion and Behaviour

It is our intention that every Jo Richardson student is able to attain their full potential in order to secure a successful future. At JRCS we understand that there may be circumstances that might affect or hinder students’ progress.


“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcolm X

Modern Foreign Languages

MFL education at JRCS will provide all students with the opportunity to communicate with native speakers at home and abroad and thus foster sensitivity, understanding and awareness of other countries, their people and their culture.


The Music department prides itself on being an active and vibrant part of the whole school community, as a result through both curriculum lessons and a broad extended-curriculum we aim to build the musical capacity of all students regardless of their ability.

PDE and Citizenship

Citizenship Studies is an engaging subject which encourages students to think creatively and critically throughout their learning experience. This subject encourages people to take an active part in democratic politics and work together for a better society, locally, nationally and globally.


Physical Education at JRCS is about promoting independent thought, communication and teamwork skills and providing pupils with information and opportunities which will hopefully inform the decisions they make about lifelong participation in sport and physical exercise.

Religious Studies

At JRCS, Religious Studies is a rigorous academic subject that engages students in asking questions as well as answering them. We aim to allow students to learn about different religions whilst also learning lessons from different religions and the affect they have in different societies. Morality, ethics and philosophy lies at the heart of Religious Studies at JRCS throughout every key stage.


We are a strong, well-resourced and vibrant department that is passionate about science and education. Our aim is to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills of the students to find answers to their own questions about the workings of the biological, chemical, physical and technological world and become better informed citizens.

Social Studies

The aim of the Social Studies department is to deliver high quality post-16 teaching in an enjoyable environment. We strive for the best for each of our students and we expect them to want the best for themselves. By studying subjects within the department, students will develop as independent learners and develop an interest in the society in which they live.

Student Development (SDD)

This department has a crucial role to play in helping us meet our goal of ‘Success For All’. Student Development have a range of responsibilities within the School.