Here you can find all the latest exam dates and information

Here you can find all the latest exam dates and information

Internal Appeals Procedure

Policy on Internal Assessments for Qualifications with English Awarding Bodies

In accordance with the Code of Practice for the conduct of external qualifications produced by the QCA, The Jo Richardson Community School is committed to ensuring that:

Staff have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills to conduct internal assessments.

Assessment evidence provided by candidates is produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the relevant Specifications for each subject.

The consistency of internal assessment is assured through internal standardisation as set out by the Awarding Bodies.

Staff responsible for internal standardisation and/or assessment attends any compulsory training sessions.

Written Appeals Procedure

Each Awarding Body publishes procedures for appeals against its decisions, and the Examinations Officer will be able to advise students and parents of these procedures.

The Awarding Body may make appeals to the school regarding the procedures used in internal assessment, but not the actual marks or grades submitted by the school for moderation.

A student or parent wishing to appeal against the procedure used in internal assessments should contact the Examinations Officer as soon as possible to discuss the appeal, and the school must receive a written appeal at least two weeks before the date of the last external exam in the subject.

On receipt of a written appeal, the Examinations Officer and the Deputy Head of Curriculum will conduct an enquiry into the internal assessment.  This enquiry will consider whether the procedures used in the internal assessment conformed to the published requirements of the Awarding Body.

The appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal, including details of any relevant communication with the Awarding Body and of any steps taken to further protect the interests of the candidates.

Statement for Students

“If at any stage during your exam courses you have concerns about procedures used in assessing your internally marked work for public exams (e.g. coursework/portfolio/projects) you should see the Examinations Officer as soon as possible”.

Staff from Exams

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 020 8270 6222 or contact the Exams Officer, Ms J Whitehead at