How we assess students at JRCS

How we assess students at JRCS


At KS3 students are assessed using the JRCS “KS3 Assessment Policy”. You can view this on our policies and reports page. Click this link to visit our policies and reports page:



Sixth Form Students are assessed regularly through the Milestone Assessment system. These are also called VIMAs. At set times of the school year all students are set work to do in exam conditions which replicates real exam questions. These are marked using the exam markschemes. As we move into the late spring and summer term the assessments become whole exam papers if possible.

Students are given detailed feedback and support for improving their answers.

Four grades are generated from the VIMA:

  • The actual grade gained in the assessment or test
  • A learning framework grade, measuring the study skills that the student displays in each subject
  • A comparison of the actual grade with the minimum expected grade that the student should be achieving
  • A prediction by the teacher of the grade the student will achieve at the end of the year