Information on our Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies.

Information on our Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies.

Head Boy and Head Girl 2023/24

My name is Ayen and I am head girl at JRCS. In my opinion, JRCS hardly lacks in anything. We balance extra-curricular opportunities, academic rigour, character education, and community. As head girl, I believe character development is just as important as the academic grades we strive to achieve. Without character, I wouldn’t have the mindset to get the grades and I wouldn’t have the correct behaviour to display within the community and in everyday life. Which will ensure I am successful in the future. At JRCS education is about all these things as displayed in our ACHIEVE values. As Head girl I want to be a positive role model for the younger students and help them to understand the importance of our school values.

My name is Ibrahim and I am head boy at JRCS. When taking on this role I couldn’t help but feel confused. Helping in a school that is already well structured, academically soaring and even diverse in many ways, what could I possibly do? That’s when I realised as head boy, I want to be the voice of our community. Someone that can make this school even more phenomenal than it already is. Someone that can let the younger generation have a choice and not only improve but make this school achieve even more than before. I plan to help the JRCS community become a better place for both the teachers and the students.

Our Sixth Form Executive Prefects

  • Kira: Studying A Level English Literature, Psychology and History
  • Ryan: Studying A Level Computer Science, Maths and Physics
  • Julia: Studying A Level Psychology, Economics and Maths
  • Aisha: Studying A Level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology

My name is Julia, and my position as Executive Prefect encourages resilience and respect, through my advocacy for progressive change within the school environment. JRCS is not shy of academic excellence, though its excellence also lies in their extracurricular activities and expert pastoral care, which is often overlooked. The school deservingly prides itself in being a thriving community that celebrates accomplishments and nurtures potential. Our ‘Success for All’ motto ultimately epitomises our school’s commitment to enhancing each and every student’s personal growth.